Amazing Cool Greys and Warm Pastels Decor Inspiration

Cool grey and warm pastels are also inspirations for inspiring kids to draw. Try to combine the two in your pictures to create a cool effect. However, if you want to create a vibrant and warm palette, keep the combination simpler. In doing so, you will be able to create more children-friendly art for your own home.

The variety of pastels available in the market these days is amazing. It’s a good thing that these pastels come in various shades and hues. That is why your child won’t feel intimidated with the number of colors he or she has to use in drawing a picture.

You can provide the different paint colors to your child to make the process of drawing easier for him or her. Before you let your child decide on the color of the paints, ask yourself the following questions: Do you want the child to draw the objects based on the theme of the story book? If you want a cool gray drawing, then you can choose colors like gray, tan, or bluish gray.

Warm colors of red and pink are the best choices for these types of drawings. Let your child use an assortment of pastels and add a little bit of sea-shells and bright greens. Use a bolder yellow for bold shading. For a very vibrant palette, let your child add some brighter blues and greens.

When choosing the coloring of the background, consider the design of the book and start the project with some colorful pastels to set the right mood. You can also add bright yellows and orange colors to soften the area of the picture that you plan to be the main background of the whole drawing.

Pastels can be bought in packs of six, eight, or twelve. For a larger selection, check out online stores for art supplies. Just remember that pastels have a smooth texture when dry. This is why pastels have to be added during the drying stage.

If you want to add the pastels to your drawing, place them in your hands. Breathe deeply while holding the paintbrush. Feel the brush against your skin before you stroke the pastels.

Cool gray and warm pastels are great inspirations for inspiring kids to draw. Keep the combination simple to create a coloring masterpiece for your kids.

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